Friends with mean and overprotective parents


when they are so overprotective you guys can hardly hang out


Being the friend with overprotective parents


I don’t know if I said anything on here about it, but I started training to volunteer with a nonprofit for victims/survivors (clients) of Domestic Violence in May. Those who wanted to work with clients directly had to do a 30 hour training session on what exactly DV is and the cycle of it all and the different circumstances our clients could be coming from. Once the training was over we were free to do court accompaniments with clients who don’t have legal council or anyone there to support them. We can also accompany them to doctors appointments and anywhere else they may need support. I did my first court accompaniment today!!! I was nervous, but it was actually easier than I imagined (I know they all won’t be this way because cases vary). We get to shadow older volunteers to see how things go for up to 4 accompaniments. Now lets see how I do when I have to start going alone.   

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